Our Stories

The oral histories that you will hear deal with personal, sensitive, and upsetting situations. Every attempt was made to be respectful of those brave enough to share their lives with you. Please take the time to honor their courage.

Featuring the powerful personal stories of survivors of eugenics and newgenics, these video narratives cross between eugenics past and present; all videos are closed captioned.

Eric Gauthier

As a single father to 2 young boys, Eric is all too familiar with how systems default to thinking of him as someone who is not a skilled or loving father. Eric had to fight hard with Children’s Services to be heard about how his own childhood affected his parenting. In fact, he had to fight extra hard to help people recognize that needing help to heal and to learn is not the same as not wanting to be a good parent. Eric shares his story of an impoverished and neglected childhood and how those experiences coupled with opportunities to be heard had made him able to be a loving father and good provider for his boys.