Our Stories

The oral histories that you will hear deal with personal, sensitive, and upsetting situations. Every attempt was made to be respectful of those brave enough to share their lives with you. Please take the time to honor their courage.

Featuring the powerful personal stories of survivors of eugenics and newgenics, these video narratives cross between eugenics past and present; all videos are closed captioned.

Oseemeemow, Barb

Barb is from a large family in northern Alberta. Growing up with 6 sisters, the importance of family was a key message from her parents. Barb is an active Aunt to her various nieces and nephews. She acknowledges that being an aunt is hard work and wonders if she could parent successfully with her disability.

The idea of parenting is a complex problem for Barb. She considers the idea of family very important, but struggles with the limitations she feels her disability places upon her. Barb continues to define herself as an independent woman, with or without children.

-Nicola Fairbrother