Our Stories

The oral histories that you will hear deal with personal, sensitive, and upsetting situations. Every attempt was made to be respectful of those brave enough to share their lives with you. Please take the time to honor their courage.

Featuring the powerful personal stories of survivors of eugenics and newgenics, these video narratives cross between eugenics past and present; all videos are closed captioned.

Skoreyko, Roy

Roy and his brother were placed at the Provincial Training School of Alberta when Roy was 10 years old. Roy remembers the fear of living with ‘locked doors’ and the lack of privacy, the good staff and the ‘tough guys’. He was sterilized when he was 16 years old.

As an adult, having left the Provincial Training School, Roy committed himself to the rights of people with intellectual disabilities. He has been an active member of the People First and Community Living movements, speaking with political leaders, community members and provincial employees about the importance of learning lessons from Alberta’s eugenics legislation so that history does not repeat.

-Nicola Fairbrother